Friday, December 19, 2008

11 more days until I am in Africa!

In just 11 days, I will get on a plane and take about a 17 hour plane ride to Africa. I can't believe it's almost here. It feels like I have been waiting for a long time to go to Africa. Here are some of the things that I know about my trip:
  • I will be teaching high school English and Math.
  • I will be teaching at a school called, "Mangetti Combined School"
  • I will be living in teacher housing close to the school.
  • The name of my village is Mangetti.
  • They speak English and Rukwangali in the village.
  • There is no electricity in the village. Just imagine no lights, no AC, no heat, no microwaves, no tv, no computers. Anything that needs to be plugged in or switched on, I will not have it at my village.
  • I am not sure how clean the water is, so I might need to clean it myself by boiling it, just so I can drink the water.

Those are all the details I know right now. I will be sure to write more and put pictures on this page when I can. Check out my other website, for more info from me in Africa.

Sending all my love and holiday wishes.

Mr. Butler

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